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The potential to increase cash flow. Turning premiums to profits.

Is Captive Insurance Right for You?

If you answer “Yes” to one or more of these statements, you may benefit from an assessment.

You consistently generate premiums in excess of One Million Dollars per annum in any one line of coverage:
  • Auto Liability
  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Credit Risk
As a corporation, you believe safety and loss prevention is the best investment.
You believe the amount of your claims is a fraction of your premium.
You are having trouble finding adequate coverage in the general retail insurance market.
Your corporation has multiple entities and you would like a single solution to your insurance needs.
You are willing to bear a reasonable portion of your own risk.
You want to turn Insurance Expense into an Insurance Profit Center.

What is a “Captive” Insurance Company?

Throw away the old definitions.  In 2019, a captive insurance company, is a private, for-profit insurance company.  Captives are an alternative way to manage business risk.

A captive insurance company receives premium income and assumes insurance risk.  It contractually agrees to reimburse another party for claims, up to certain limits.  A captive insurance company is a For-Profit operation.  A captive insurance company buys reinsurance to limit its risk.  A captive is simply a financial structure for dealing with insurance risk.

Captive Insurance companies are Regulated Entities and that means regulatory compliance.     

Cervus, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with superior captive management and that means providing our clients with the most accurate and current financial information we can deliver.  It is our job to run the captive insurance company “back room”.

We are the captive managers and we report to our captive owners.

Our services go well beyond financial accounting and regulatory compliance. We recognize that our clients are not typically knowledgeable about insurance operations, underwriting and actuarial work.  To that end, our work product is designed such that our clients can “Follow the Money”.  We deliver clarity.

Cervus, Inc delivers more than our competitors.  Over and above monthly financials, we track many aspects of underwriting performance month-to-month.  Our collection of underwriting data allows our actuaries the clearest picture possible and a quick turn-around from re-insurers.  Few, if any of our competitors, dig into the underwriting as we do.  We feel that to perform at the highest level, a captive manager must understand the underwriting supporting the business plan.

Without knowledge, there is no control, and we want our clients in complete control.

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Ready to see if Captive Insurance is right for you? Our skilled team is here to assess your needs and provide you with a strategic approach to increased profitability. Send us a message or give us a call now!

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