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Cervus is committed to providing you with the SUPPORT needed to systematically establish the best risk management for your organization. It is our job to help you identify and carry out what is needed to gain increased control of your finances. With our Feasibility Study Services we will assess a plan that best fits your goals.

What to Expect

Our Captive Management Services:

  • Applications and licensing
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Monthly reconciliation (bordereaux) with carrier, captive and reinsurers
  • All regulatory reporting to the state insurance department
  • All liaison between the captive and the insurance department
  • All liaison with re-insurer companies and fronting carriers
  • Premium Tax Calculations
  • Annual independent Actuarial Opinion
  • Annual independent Audit and Captive Tax Return preparation

With Cervus, Inc.’s Captive Management Services you have a turn-key captive insurance company tailored to your unique requirements.

Now you can have insurance with a unique business purpose that operates tailored to your needs. Enjoy benefits with significantly lower setup costs and reduce annual running expenses. We will assist you by offering greater accessibility and flexibility with your insurance decisions.

Create Your Captive to Insure Traditional Risks and Create Specialized Coverage:

  • Worker’s Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Automobile Liability
  • Owner or Contractor controlled insurance programs
  • Property deductibles
  • Gaps/Exclusions in Existing Policies
  • Deductible Reimbursement Policies
  • Hard to place Product Liability
  • Excess Employee Benefits
  • Directors and Officers Liability

Cervus, Inc. provides the technical turn-key support owners need to operate a compliant captive insurance company.

We recognize the support you need to create your own risk insurance company.  After all, you’ve worked hard to build your corporation to where it is today. We want to see you continue to grow your business to be as profitable as possible. When you’re with Cervus, we walk you through every step with hands-on support.

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Ready to see if Captive Insurance is right for you? Our skilled team is here to assess your needs and provide you with a strategic approach to increased profitability. Send us a message or give us a call now!

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