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Exercise greater control over Risk Management processes, Premium Investment and Claims Handling Practices.

It’s Yours For The Profit

By Deploying A Captive Insurance Company, Your Organization Has Taken The First Steps:

  • Minimize Insurance costs
  • Customize your coverage
  • Stabilize your premiums
  • Pre-fund Retained Risks
  • Earn Potential Profits

As Large Account Specialists We Will:

  • Talk with our clients and explain their options… as Large Accounts have many options.
  • Perform financial modeling to help clients determine if a captive insurance company achieves the goals they have in mind. Or is a Large Deductible plan a better option?  What is the right Specific Retention? What is the Aggregate risk? What is the Loss Pick?  Pre-fund or Letter of Credit?  Tax implications?  CERVUS has financial models that bring clarity to these and many other questions.
  • Dig into the underwriting because we don’t feel we can give quality advice without a crystal-clear understanding of the historical exposures and claims. We explain our findings in language clients understand.  We make underwriting information actionable for our clients.
  • Prepare detailed reinsurance submissions that include a complete underwriting work-up, actuarial review and pro-forma.
  • Seek and Qualify Fronting Arrangements
  • Negotiate with claims services providers.

For Clients This Means:

  • Turning insurance expense into insurance profit
  • Lower insurance costs and greater control over their coverage and risks
  • An open door to a variety of national and international reinsurers
  • The ability to insure unusual or difficult risks
  • Earning underwriting profits and investment income

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Ready to see if Captive Insurance is right for you? Our skilled team is here to assess your needs and provide you with a strategic approach to increased profitability. Send us a message or give us a call now!

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